The basis of every project is the idea, which springs from the lifestyle and preferences of the client and takes into account the site and its history.

My present vision of internal architecture and design applies successfully to the bespoke improvement of private premises throughout Belgium and abroad, as well as to the design of shops, offices and restaurants.

Each project is unique and is undertaken in close collaboration with the client. My interior designs represent a fair balance between architecture and décor. I guarantee that your project will be stylish, personalised and comprehensive down to the finest details.

I involve myself personally with every project so as to exploit and optimise all the advantages of your interior. From the first sketch to final handover of the project, I remain available and in constant contact with the client.

An eye for detail

My main emphasis is on light and fluid circulation to define clear, precise and ergonomic spaces.

Allowing the entry of natural light is fundamental; the arrangement of artificial lighting is integrated logically into the architecture and your life style. Creating views of the interior and towards the exterior creates links between spaces and brings them alive. Opening/closing systems may be installed to allow views or spaces to be modified according to your wishes.

I also attach great importance to the study of colours and materials. Just like light, they add sensations and feelings to spaces. Combinations may sometimes be unexpected, but create surprise and personalise your interior.

Timeless and comfortable, my interior designs always show a high degree of refinement.

A team of professionals

No limits acknowledged…

I can design a complete project, both in terms of the internal architecture itself and the décor. All my skills, and those of the highly experienced team around me, are deployed to fulfil your order.

From structural work down to the choice of objects, everything is designed and taken in hand.